O’Neal 博彩软件app is proud to have a culture of

adaptability, accountability, legacy, and technology.

Measured by our Mettle

O’Neal 博彩软件app has two beautiful magnolia trees in front of our corporate office - one dating back to 1946 - that stand as a testament to our strong roots, resilient nature, and adaptability. However, as the company expanded years ago, a road was required where the magnolia tree stood, and Emmet O’Neal wanted the tree moved across the street in front of our new office. Everyone said it couldn’t be done because a tree that big had never been transplanted successfully. It took two 60-ton cranes to move the tree over two hundred feet, roots and all. With care and attention, that tree is still here at our office today, 博彩软件下载stronger than ever roots. It is that sense of history, the deep roots and reaching branches, that inspire us every day at O’Neal 博彩软件app.

Commitment to Community

O’Neal 博彩软件app encourages all employees to get involved at a local level. These community contributions, whether it’s volunteering at an event or helping a nonprofit for a few hours, are allowed during work hours to help employees have time to give back. Some of our favorite community service events include assisting nearby schools 博彩软件下载field day, participating in trick-or-treating for local children’s hospitals, and partnering 博彩软件下载United Way for community give back days.

Working 博彩软件下载Family

When we refer to the “O’Neal 博彩软件app family,” we’re not just talking about the founder’s lineage. Our employees are treated the way we’d want to be treated-- like family. At O’Neal 博彩软件app, we invest in our employees by ensuring they have a good work-life balance, creating a family-oriented culture, and encouraging company outings 博彩软件下载group lunches and visits to the baseball park.

Recognizing Success

We’re proud to encourage employees to participate in volunteer opportunities, and that’s why the Kirkman O’Neal Community Service Award was created. This award recognizes our employees who demonstrate a commitment to their community through consistent volunteer work, passion, and spirit. Each year, O’Neal 博彩软件app hands out monetary grants to the first, second, and third place recipients to go towards more community involvement efforts.

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