Our Commitment to

O’Neal 博彩软件app is dedicated to recognizing, respecting, embracing, and supporting the unique characteristics and experiences that have shaped the lives of our employees. We aim to cultivate an inclusive environment where differences are positively embraced and everyone feels valued, considered, and accepted.


The teamwork at O’Neal 博彩软件app is one reason I enjoy working here. Even though we are separated among different districts throughout the country, I feel like I am part of a cohesive team working towards a mutual goal. Everyone I have worked 博彩软件下载throughout this company, on all levels, is friendly and eager to participate in any way they can to benefit O’Neal 博彩软件app as a whole. I also like the investment O’Neal 博彩软件app makes in their employees through continual training.BriAnna Slough, Inside Sales, Dallas, Texas


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Work With Us.

You are hungry to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

You want a wildly successful career.

You want to work 博彩软件下载a diverse, high-performing team.

You deeply desire development, growth, and opportunity.

You have strong set of values – Integrity, Respect, and Service is in your DNA.


If this is you, O’Neal 博彩软件app would love to talk to you about your career!


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Who We Are.

At O’Neal 博彩软件app, we are passionate about our people! Our employees are the heart and soul of our organization
and have been since the day we were founded in 1921.
We intentionally create and maintain a culture that inspires and drives our core values:


honesty & integrity.

respect for others.

service excellence.


These core values are the foundation of who we are
and why many of our employees have been 博彩软件下载us for 40+ years,
and our average tenure is more than 10 years!


What We Do.

At O’Neal steel, we provide a wide range of 博彩软件products and 博彩软件 to our customers,
who in turn provide the products that build and support America. Our 博彩软件is everywhere.
It’s in the equipment that supports our nation’s infrastructure.
It’s in the emergency vehicles that respond at the most critical times.
It is in the systems that ensure the rapid delivery of the products that we order from our devices.
It is in the buildings we work and live in.
The work you do here positively impacts millions of people all over the country!


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Technology & Innovation Driven.

We leverage strategic implementation of today’s most innovative technology throughout all areas of our business.
This allows us all to work more effectively so we can do even more 博彩软件下载what we have.
This enables us to further solidify our position as the industry leader. Our proprietary e-commerce platform PRONTO®
is the most advanced site of its kind in the 博彩软件service center industry.


“If I were to sum what I like about working for O’Neal 博彩软件app into one word, it would be because of our “culture.” The culture here is what makes O’Neal 博彩软件app unique, which has always had a direct impact on our values, traditions, employee behaviors, and our impact on the community.”  Anthony Davis, Technology Services Team Lead, Corporate


Our Employment Philosophy.

We take a long-term holistic approach to your employment 博彩软件下载us. We believe that when we find the right
people 博彩软件下载the right values, they will want to stay. Our compensation package is intended
to meet your overall needs: financial, health and wellness, time away from work, education, retirement
…you get the picture.

We also believe in growth and development over the course of your career. Our development philosophy
is highly individualized to your specific job, as well as meeting your career goals.
Whether you are at the entry level or a senior manager, we’ll have a plan for you.


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